Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Pictures of my current projects.

The six socks knitalong october sock: Iris Garden, Smart superwash 100% wool 100m/50g on 3mm magic loop.
I only had two skeins of the pinkish colour, and realised towards the end of the first sock that one skein wouldn`t do it. The shop was sold out and won`t be getting any more for a while, so I modified the pattern and ended the sock 10cm too soon. It fits me better like this anyway, so I`m happy! Also, I modified the afterthought heel a little bit, shortening it a little compared to the pattern. I`m not too happy that the colours don`t separate better, and even though I took care choosing the colours next time I have to be even more careful to get colours that separate better.

My beautiful Italian Mondial Prestigio Super Kid Mohair yarn on 2.5mm circulars
I love this pattern, but probably chose the pins too thin, since it seems the pattern is a bit more compact than it should be and I have to repeat the leaf pattern more times than I should have to. The yarn is extraordinarily thin too, but lovely, lovely. Regardless, it will make for a nice winter shawl for myself, matching my new Odessa hat! Next time, I will choose a thicker yarn - possibly a less fluffy Alpacca yarn, in a more neutral colour. There will most definitely be a next time!

My new Odessa hat, Kitten Mohair 165m/50g from SandnesGarn on 3.5mm circs.
It`s the first time I knit this, and I have a feeling it may be a bit on the small side, but I have big head! I`ve gone down from 4 to 3.5mm pins using this yarn because I knit fairly loose. If it`s seems small when I`m done, I`ll try using a thicker yarn next time, making hats for my sister and nieces. This is a fast knit and I love it!

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