Saturday, November 11, 2006

Odessa is a hit

My Odessa hat is finished! Wehey!
And as expected it`s a little bit too small for me with my 62cm head circumference. But I have a huuuuge head!
It will fit one of my nieces beautifully.
Having finished that, I wanted to start the neckwarmer I`m making for a christmaspresent, but decided to do sock 2 for the sixsock knitalong first. Bummer! First I apparently used pins 1/2 size too small (or mysteriously started knitting tighter), and had to frog the whole toe after I discovered this. Then I made it half way up the foot only to discover a minor mistake at the end of the toe had thwarted the whole pattern. Another rip-up! This time down to the toe.
I could have made the pattern mistake the underside of the foot since it was only on one side, but I like to have it correct...

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irisine said...

Hi, I just finished Odessa and I'm knitting Iris Garden Socks. Often its really fun to see people so far away knitting the same projects.
Greetings from Germany, Iris