Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A lovely, flowerly scarf

I love!
I was making the Mrs Beeton wristwarmers with some leftover yarn (in progress) when I came across the Flora Scarf. I love it!
I even had some soft and cuddly Kitten Mohair lying around which was perfect for it. I bought some Idena Mohair Lux to vary the colour a bit, and knitted the whole thing in 1 thread Kitten Mohair and 2 threads Idena Mohair Lux, one of each was enought for the whole thing. Hopefully by tomorrow I´ll have finished the flower too, but I just love it so much I wanted to document the progress.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Noro Kureyon sweater

I´m in love!
Absolutely, totally in love with this wonderful yarn, pretty beyond any descirption. I´m going to knit NOro Kureyon sweaters for xmas presents next year for my nieces, knit myself a jacket, my husband a sweater, and very possibly a beautiful scarf from

The picture shows my son´s sweater, in Noro Kureyon #163 and alpacca double-yarn turtleneck.
The arms are folded up a bit, and quite possibly I´ll splice the little bit of yarn I have left on the bottom of the sweater, so it will last well through next winter.

Next time I buy this yarn, I think I´ll try eBay, as there seems to be money to save.
Or just chose the simplicity of my "local" yarnpusher, :D

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Secret Pal!

It took me some time, but I wanted to show off the gifts I got from the two secret pal exchanges I´m signed up for!

The first one is from my Nordic Secret Pal (Nordisk Hemmelig Venn) pal Fjellrosa, I got two green and one pink balls of Fritidsgarn, bamboo circulars and some very tasty and already gone packages of coffee. I have a nifty little handbag-plan for this yarn, it will be perfect for a February something-different project!

The second one is from my hobbyboden secret friend hannech, who sent me a pattern and yarn for slippers which will be perfect for my son, and some cute buttons. My son needs some new slippers, so this was perfec for the green and orange woolen yarn.The other yarn is really silky and should look good as edging on something, this something still needs to be figured out by me!