Sunday, May 27, 2007

Package from my secret pal

Yesterday I got a nice package in the mail from my secret pal!
I had just started to worry that I was possibly forgotten when this wonderful surprise arrived. I got british knitting- and garden magazines, and I´ve already started one of the projects in one of the magazines as well as browsed many of the websites features within. I must admit I even bought some new yarn at one of these websites...

Thank you very much to my secret pal 10!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

New inspiration!

I´ve found some lovely new patterns! Norwegian Du Store Alpakka both produces the most lovely Alpacca wool, and patterns to go with. In their newest pattern magasine Maskerader, I found this lovely dress. I´ll buy the magasine and see if it can be made to fit me. It´s a gorgeous thing!
There were some other nice patterns too, worthy a good look.

It reminds me that I also want to knit the Victoria dress from Rowan, pictured here. But I think before I think this will be a christmas-next-year project. The rowan dress should look gorgeous in a dark, shiny gray, I think. And before I get there, I want to browse the summer patterns and make a nice summer top for myself!

I´ve seen some lovely tops in the Garnstudio Drops free patterns, and there are some really cute ones from Rowan. Also, there´s a vest from eunny that´s really nice (although wintery), and should soon come out with new patterns.
Then there´s the Argosy scarf, the Butterfly Noro jacket, the Noro rainbow scarf, the cabled socks and bayerisches socks. Ah, so many projects and so little time :)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Nordic Secret Pal package

I received a beautifully wrapped present in the mail today from my Nordic Secret Pal. My husband, in his helpfulness, threw away the envelope + card with her name. I think it was Toril or Torunn, so Secret Pal - please let me know who you are so I can thank you properly!!

The package contained yarn in gorgeous colours! Both silk tweed yarn and a soft mohair yarn. And a home-made pouch, which will be perfect for the several small containers of pearls I have lying around in the bottom of my knitting basket.
I will most definitely want to try this yarn for a shawl. Silk yarn is new to me and I´m looking forward to trying it.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Finishing up some projects

The joy of finishing projects!
I´ve knitted another Flora scarf from for a Secret Pal, same yarn as last time but this time bluey-green whereas last time it was pink. I use two threads of Idena Mohair Lux, which is a variegated yarn, and one thread single-colour kitten Mohair, on 5.5mm needles. The result is fantastic and I love the way the colours changes just a little bit along the scarf.

I also blocked the dress for my little niece in the states, so it´s ready to go in the mail tomorrow. I hope they´ll find some use for it, it´s a lovely little thing.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sweet little dress

I´ve made this sweet little thing for my niece in the US and I love it! It´s made in cotton, which I normally don´t like. It´s a free pattern from Drops Design. I just hope it will fit the sweet little thing, and that her mother will listen to me when I tell her handwash in luke warm water...

It´s still wet after the wash in the picture. I´ll post a nicer picture later...