Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sahara coming along

This is a really quick knit!
And I really like the way it´s turning out. I made some slight modifications to the pattern, the upper half of the top is a size Large, the lower part a Medium. And since I want it a slight bit longer than the pattern calls for, I´m increasing it back to a L again at the bottom to make sure it fits my hips.
I redid the decreases for the waist, because the first time around I just doubled the number of increases. This was perfect in the front, but the back got weird. So I doubled the front only, and did the increases every 6 rows down the back instead of every 8 rows that the pattern calls for, and that was perfect.

Once, way up there, I forgot a decrease, so now I´m a stitch off on the side-part. But I cannot be bothered to frog half the top for one stitch, and I´ll just fix it in the last row when I change over to the other yarn. No-one will ever know!

I can´t wait to wear this!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Tilli Tomas yarn arrived!

It´s horrendously expensive of course, but oh so wonderful!
So I´m putting everything else on the shelf - and starting swatching for the Sahara short-sleeved shirt tonight!
The colour is gorgeous, the yarn oh-so soft. I think I´m in love :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Earlier projects

Since I don´t have any finished projects to show off, knitting on the Pomatous scarf, a mohair shawl out of Maskerader, and the Sarcelle shawl, I thought I could show off some earlier work :)
As in ages ago!
Unfortunately, I think I threw out my violently mohair-ey sweater in pink and purples from the late eighties (knitted at the tender age of 16, mind). But I did find some other stuff, not all but some.
All knitted after probably 1987 and definitely before 1996. The glove actually belongs to a thick sweater for hubby knitted in 1996...

But the orange-and-grey jacket was the absolute end of my knitting career. At that time - obviously I restarted it around xmas last year!
The orange-and-grey jacket in Dale Tiur yarn. First of all - Dale Tiur is a mohair-wool blend, a bit stiff and hopeless to rip. I started my jacket in 1994, knitted half way up the main part and put it aside. I cleverly (not, as it turned out) took the circular needle out as I needed it for another project, and replaced it for a thinner one, and promptly forgot. Picked up the project about a year later, and finished the main part. Finished the arms, and went to put it together. Only to realise that half way up the main body, the width became about 6 cm narrower!!
I gave up knitting for all time.

Some years later, I handed the thing to my grandmoter - we knit to just about the same gauge. She rescued the thing by ripping and redoing, all the while hating the yarn tremendously. And then my mother kindly cut down the front and for the arms and did all the sewing togeter.

I have the jacket now and could wear it, but I really, really do hate it!
I´m also weaned off fair-isle for a while. It´s "only" been about ten years so far, and I really don´t want to go there again any time soon.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Secret Pal 11

I´ve signed up! It should be good fun :)
At least, I had good fun spoiling Hanne Maria from Finland. She has a really inspirational blog, a beautiful yarn stash, and she goes through shawl patterns about 5 times faster than normal lethals :)
AND she likes fantasy books - as do I!

Actually, I don´t know who sent gifts to me yet-she has not revealed herself and I couldn´t figure out how to find her on our secret pal hostesses webiste...

Pomatomus socks

Lovely little things they are! I found the Pomatomus socks on the knitty web pages and decided to try them. I´m using sock yarn from Silkwood, a 75% wool and 25% polyester yarn in the colour Garnet, that I bought from The woolly workshop. The colors are wonderful and the yarn is nice if a slight bit "hard" to knit with.

Before I cast on for these, I actually had a second go at Eunny´s bayerische socks, seeing how my first attempt didn´t turn out right. Well, it turns out that the oh so beautiful Schaefer Anne yarn that I tried was not the right thing either. It is a beautiful slightly variegated purple yarn that contains 60% merino wool, 25% mohair and 15% nylon. Note to self: the NEXT time I try for Eunnys bayerische socks I will try with a nice, crisp, thight yarn in a SINGLE colour. No mohair, no color variations, and THIN yarn.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Nordisk hemmelig venn package in the mail!

It arrived today - my 4th Nordic secret pal package!
Some really soft REGIA yarn that wll do well for motorcyclesocks for my husband - 100 grams should get me there :)
And adriafil BaBa - an effectyarn that I will have to think about a little bit, in lovely greens!

Thank you very much my secret pal. Unfortunately, the return adress had been wet and was illegible...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

stripy socks and hateful scarf

Yeay! My pink-loving niece will be so happy :) I´m finished with her simple little socks in REGIA 4-ply woollen yarn. The pattern is a simple sock pattern from SOCKS-SOCKS-SOCKS, it has a barely recognisable twisted thing going on. I like the colours :) Something with me and pink lately...

Also pink but not quite as loved - my Palette-scarf. This is a pattern from which was a fairly easy knit, but there are two alternating patterns, in addition to the right- and wrong-side differences. And they´re just close enough to each other that it was difficult to remember which one I was doing, and easy to slip over into an almost similar line. Seeing how I was knitting in Evilla Plate Yarn - stupidly as it turned out - with double thread and with no spun woollen yarn with it, frogging was impossible without the yarn just falling apart. In fact, knitting turned out to be impossible too at times. This yarn had quite a life on it´s own and trying to force into a lace-type pattern was not something it wanted to do... Also - I obviously should have chosen thicker needles as my scarf turned out a bit more compact than I would have liked it to.
Oh well, I have learned. Next time: choose a pattern that´s easier to memorise or "read" of the already knitted work. AND use a solid spun wool next to one thread of this stuff, not two thread of fragile-fragile plate yarn.
In fact I don´t think I like the way the colours turned out either... Oh well, once I stuff it around my neck inside my big winter jacket, no-one will know :)