Friday, December 29, 2006

Oh joy, new yarn!

I have received a package in the mail from Pinnsvindesign with my long awaited winter project! A LUDO sweater from Hanne Falkenberg, which I will make into a jacket for my son. The colours are lovely, and the yarn soft. I can`t wait to get started!

First, I have to finish my husbands orange socks, I`m almost done with the first, but it`s been a bit slow at christmas. And secondly, I have to to finish off the neckwarmers for my nieces and send them off. Actually, I only have to crochet some flowers and sew them on, so it`s just a matter of doing it...

Pinnsvindesign has lots of nice yarn, and since the Regia sock yarn looked interesting, I bought some of that too. Now I just have to get the other UFOs off, and then we`ll see about some more fun socks!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sweet frills

The christmas present for my sister is finished and I`m well pleased. I still need to fasten the buttons to the flowers and put on a safetypin on each flower to stick it to the hat/neckwarmer/gloves depending on the mood.
I`m still pretty worried this will be over the top too cute for my sister, but my consolation is that she can always frog the frilly bit on the mittens, the crocheted edge on the neckwarmer, or... give it to me to wear! I love it!

I`m also pretty proud of myself since I haven`t crocheted since I made a crocheted horse in 5th or 6th grade :) I had to do the crocheted bit with the computer next to me with step-by-step instructions on all the stitches. So it took some time.

But the conlusion is anyhow - want one for myself! And that makes it a good project :)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

A good cause for Hundertwasser

I found a use for the Opal Hundertwasser yarn!
I promised my husband a "knitting project" all devoted to him, and although I have a feeling he´s not too crazy about the orange, these socks will be his. I guess I could have chosen a different yarn, but they only had the Hundertwasser range at the yarn shop, and this colour was the least "splotchy. I don´t particularly care for splotchy.
The sock pattern is the december-january sock project for the Six Socks KAL (link in meny to the right), - chain link socks.

I´ve actually split up the ball into oranges and grays, to make sure the pattern stands out well. So there will be a bit of extra work weaving in the ends, but oh well. I guess he´s worth it :)

Pink and more pink. Alpacca!

I came across some lovely thin Alpacca yarn from Du Store Alpakka on sale, and immediately bought some lovely pinks. Pink seems to be a theme these days... Anyhow, these will be perfect for my planned christmas presents for my nieces, now I just have to get knitting!

I´m also wondering if this yarn may be something for the Bayerische socks that I came across on the blog "See Eunny knit". Or maybe find a nice shade in Dale Babyull. I think I´ll wait a bit though, way too may unfinishined and planned projects at the moment and christmas coming up. Eunny´s blog is a great inspiration, though!