Sunday, December 03, 2006

A good cause for Hundertwasser

I found a use for the Opal Hundertwasser yarn!
I promised my husband a "knitting project" all devoted to him, and although I have a feeling he´s not too crazy about the orange, these socks will be his. I guess I could have chosen a different yarn, but they only had the Hundertwasser range at the yarn shop, and this colour was the least "splotchy. I don´t particularly care for splotchy.
The sock pattern is the december-january sock project for the Six Socks KAL (link in meny to the right), - chain link socks.

I´ve actually split up the ball into oranges and grays, to make sure the pattern stands out well. So there will be a bit of extra work weaving in the ends, but oh well. I guess he´s worth it :)

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abcDaniela said...

Hei Marianne,

I found your blog with your link by the Six Sox Group by Yahoo.
I like your chain link socks because this is my favourite Hunderwasser Yarn. I love orange.
Please excuse my terrible english. I'm from germany and I like to spend my summer holliday in your country.

Vennlig hilsen