Sunday, May 20, 2007

New inspiration!

I´ve found some lovely new patterns! Norwegian Du Store Alpakka both produces the most lovely Alpacca wool, and patterns to go with. In their newest pattern magasine Maskerader, I found this lovely dress. I´ll buy the magasine and see if it can be made to fit me. It´s a gorgeous thing!
There were some other nice patterns too, worthy a good look.

It reminds me that I also want to knit the Victoria dress from Rowan, pictured here. But I think before I think this will be a christmas-next-year project. The rowan dress should look gorgeous in a dark, shiny gray, I think. And before I get there, I want to browse the summer patterns and make a nice summer top for myself!

I´ve seen some lovely tops in the Garnstudio Drops free patterns, and there are some really cute ones from Rowan. Also, there´s a vest from eunny that´s really nice (although wintery), and should soon come out with new patterns.
Then there´s the Argosy scarf, the Butterfly Noro jacket, the Noro rainbow scarf, the cabled socks and bayerisches socks. Ah, so many projects and so little time :)


amylin said...

Den kjolen fra Maskerader sikler jeg på også.

Frida said...

Da jeg så denne lyserøde kjole må jeg bare sige WAW til....den var absolut nydelig :)