Saturday, May 19, 2007

Nordic Secret Pal package

I received a beautifully wrapped present in the mail today from my Nordic Secret Pal. My husband, in his helpfulness, threw away the envelope + card with her name. I think it was Toril or Torunn, so Secret Pal - please let me know who you are so I can thank you properly!!

The package contained yarn in gorgeous colours! Both silk tweed yarn and a soft mohair yarn. And a home-made pouch, which will be perfect for the several small containers of pearls I have lying around in the bottom of my knitting basket.
I will most definitely want to try this yarn for a shawl. Silk yarn is new to me and I´m looking forward to trying it.


mettepia said...

Så flott pakke du har fått fra din venn i nordic pal. Ser ut til at det er et hærrlig garn ja. Likte det skjefet u Kitten Mohair. Hærrrlig farge også. Ønsker deg ei flott helg

amylin said...

Finfin pakke du har fått, heldiggrisen.