Monday, November 06, 2006

From gardening to knitting

Winter is here and my gardening put on hold for while. So now it`s time for a new knitting blog as well!
My projects at the moment:
* Kiri shawl from
* The second sock of the october-pair from the Six Sox Knitalong
* Grumperinas Odessa hat, from I will make several of these as christmas presents for my nieses. Right now I`m knitting a test hat for myself, to check out the gauge, size, etc. I`m making it in a colour to match the Kiri Shawl.

Planned projects:
* Hanne Falkenberg Ludo jacket for my son
* A loose neck/scarf-thingie and gloves for my sister`s birthday, to match the Odessa hat. I got the pattern off and will buy some yarn at the local shop. I`ll make them in turquoise and green.
* Probably another Kiri-shawl, on thicker pins. It`s growing way too slow now.
* Shawl and hat for my niece for summer, crocheted
* Woolen socks for my son
* December socks from the Six Socks knitalong

Pictures and details on each of my projects to come!

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