Saturday, March 24, 2007

Secret Pal

I´ve received no less than 3 secret pal packages these last few days!!

First up, my Nordic Secret Pal 5 Monamor, who sent me a nice easter package. It contained some fragrant candles, napkins and a napkin holder, a few things for the house for easter and coffee - already brewed and tasted! There are also some seeds which to me looks like an Allium of some sort - we will see. Thank you very much Monamor :)

Then my Hobbyboden pal, who I don´t know yet who is, sent me a crochet pattern for slippers from Drops Design with some nice thick Eskimo yarn to go with it and a thick crochet needle. Good thing too, as I now own 3 thicknesses all together.My crochet "stash" is not too large.

There were actually 3 balls of yarn, I already started on a slipper, an I actually had to look up the very first and simple stitch to remember if it was just a pull-the-thread-through kind of stitch or a put-the-needle-in-and-out-a-couple-of-times kind of stitch.

But I´ll get there! I´m intent on learning more of this crocheting stuff! (especially after I was able to pulloff the cutest flowers earlier). I really like the color too.

Finally, my Secret Pal 10 - the mysterious Uncia Uncia (snow leopard) sent me a pattern for socks from See Eunny Knit which I´m so happy to be getting! Another sock pattern from this website is already my must-do list and these are just as beautiful! So I now have these to very nice socks waiting to become early summer projects :) Thank you very much!


LilleBlå said...

Så mange spennende ting du har fått i postkassa di da!
Ha en strålende søndag!

monamor said...

Så fint at du likte gaven :) Håper at frøene vil kose seg i dine potter og bli til fine blomster. Gleder meg til å se bilde... :)
Ha en fin dag

saga said...

Lekre pulsvanter du har laget, jeg bare elsker den blåfargen!
Ha en god dag.