Saturday, January 06, 2007

Finished socks for Six Sox KAL

I´ve finished the December sock for the Six Sox KAL, a good fun knit with a slip-stitch chainlink pattern, knitted in Opal yarn on 2.5mm needles.
I´m very new to knitting socks, especially to non-norwegian patterns and methods of doing things. My first sock was a toe-up, this was a top-down heel-flap sock that I knitted on magic loop. And it turned out to be really easy! The socks fits my husband perfectly, especially after I took it in a few stitches in the foot, and I´ve learned the slip-stitch method which was easy but I just haven´t done it before. The colours were chosen on a somewhat moody day, haha, but my husband said he´ll happily wear it. I actually kind of like it too...The observant will see (a bit hidden, on purpose, didn´t want the proof out in the open) that sock number two actually is finished with a different yarn! There was no more Opal Hundertwasser yarn in the right colour left at the store, so I replaced it with Opal Tucan which was close but not quite there...

I was certain I would get enough yarn out of one huge ball of Opal, but since I took out all the dark grey and white bits, the yarn just didn´t go as long as I hoped. The lack of yarn is also the reason there´s a few dark grey stripes on sock #2 (the hidden one). The heel on the second one is blue and white because I just forgot to cut it out and I DO NOT rip up my work unless there are very serious implications! Just to show what extra work I gave myself cutting out the darker bits from the variegated yarn, here´s what the backside of the sock looked like pre-getting to work on it!


babsy said...

heisann, ohh jeg mesuner deg evnet til og ha tålmodighet til og strikke slike flotte sokker på då tynne pinner... jeg elsker strikking men under pinne nr tre.. sukk-stønn- da får jeg fnatt vet du...kommer nok snart igjen på besøk til deg.. koselig blogg du har :o)

ObsessiveCompulsive Crafter said...

I love your colorful socks. I think they turned out great! As the designer of the pattern, I like to see what everyone has come up with picking their colors. I find that the most fun when starting a sock.
Congrats on such a pretty combination. The socks look great! I hope Hubby loves them too!