Saturday, January 06, 2007

Coming along!

Ignoring my arguesome Kiri-shawl for a while, I´m happily knitting along on the Hanne Falkenberg Ludo-jacket for my son. It´s actually starting to look like something! Somewhat... Anyhow, the yarn has a much lovelier color in real life than on the picture on the website, it´s kind of meleed and beatuiful.
But thin and easy to snap, as I found out when DH accidentally stood (!) on it while I was merrily knitting along. Ok, maybe any yarn would snap then, but this certainly did.

I also found myself gasping a bit after doing the first pattern round, knitting some more and looking back at what I´d done. It didn´t look at all like it should according to the tiny picture that came along with the package of yarn.
Some intense reading of the yarn, counting, and wondering whether I could have somehow misunderstood the Danish instructions (seeing how I don´t actually speak Danish but Norwegian, which is somewhat close but not necessarily the same), and a slight panic later...

I found out that I was looking on the backside of the pattern, silly cow, and that the front side looked amazingly, surprisingly just like it should. And very nice at that.
A quick count of the stitches after all the SSL and K2tog on even rounds, and my shoulders were back where they belonged since it seems everything is perfect.

And I can´t say how pleased I am about that, I do not want to frog this again!

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