Wednesday, December 05, 2007

On the road...

I´ve been in the US for vacation-work and what a superproductive trip it has been, knittingwise!
I bought some beautiful yarns - cherry tree hill superwash merino in gorgeous greens and pinks, and some wonderfully bright colinette jitterbug colourways summerberry and raspberry - I think. And some brown alpakka wool on super cheap sale, perfect for wintery gifts such as mittens and scarfs.
I´m even halfway into monkey sock#2 in the cherry tree hill yarn, 20cm into my autumn rose sweater and finished sock#2 for both the schaefer anne simple-socks and the bright green wavy patterned socks!
And although I´ve been through umpteen security controls at airports, no one ever attempted to take my knitting needles from me.

Pictures to come once I get them uploaded.

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Hanne said...

I'm also knitting my first pair of Monkey socks! I have waited this long because I don't think the pattern is especially beautiful. It has a certain charm, anyway, and it's very fun to knit!