Friday, September 28, 2007

My pomatomus are done!

My lovely Pomatomus, from a Knitty pattern.
The yarn is Sock yarn from Silkwood, in a very rich ruby color called Garnet. They also have some striking green and blue colours and the yarn is easy to work with and makes a nice result, so I´m planning more Pomatomus socks in Silkwood yarn. The yarn is bought at Woolly Workshop.
The picture is a bad one from my mobile...

I tried ordering yarn for the autumn rose sweater, but unfortunately several shops seem to be out of the main gold color of the pattern. I´m waiting eagerly!


Kerry said...

They are gorgeous!

Hanne said...

You asked about Wollmeise on my blog. I'm sorry, but the yarn is already sold.

Ps. Lovely socks!

Beate Larssen said...

Flotte sokka! Herlige farger.