Monday, April 23, 2007

Hanne Falkenberg Ludo jacket - getting there

Well, I´ve been writing about it long enough, here it is. The first half finished, the second half is luckily well on it´s way.
Even though all the measurements are right, the arm is WIDE. Super-wide. So I will try to make a bitnarrower when I put the whole thing together. If I feel really brave, I´ll sew it and cut off the excess. Or maybe I´ll have my mother do it - she´s the expert at these things. It´s nice to have someone else to blame when things go horribly wrong too ;)

Anyhow, this whole thing is knitted back and forth, all straight forward, kind of in a U shape, ending up with the arm. Very easy! Except I kept forgetting to knit two together every other row, and forgetting to not do it in the patterned rows.
But all is well that ends well, and the colors are gorgeous!

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